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TPV 50" Hose with 2 adaptors (no bar) for Hercules Electric Pump

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    Our TPV 50" hose with 2 adaptors is specifically designed to fit the Hercules Electric Pump perfectly.The Bay Sports Hercules 12v Electric Pump is a popular choice for inflating SUPs/Kayaks, and if you're in need of a replacement hose, look no further. 

    Crafted from high-quality TPV material, this hose is not only durable but also incredibly flexible, making it easy to maneuver and use. Measuring 50" or 127cm in length, it provides ample reach for inflating your watercraft effortlessly. One of the notable features of this hose is that it comes with the Halkey-Roberts (HR) and Boston valves included.

    These valves are known for their reliability and ease of use, ensuring a secure and airtight connection while inflating your SUPs or kayaks. Whether you're replacing a worn-out hose or simply want a spare, our TPV 50 hose with 2 adaptors is the perfect solution.


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