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Kayak Scupper Plug

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    Kayak Scupper Plugs is great for you to plug the scupper holes on your sit-on-top kayak, prevent water from coming into the cockpit but also prevents water from draining out too.

    Choose the quantity to select the amount of scupper plug/s you wish to purchase. E.g. Qty 2 you are purchasing 2 scupper plugs.   

    All plugs measurements are from the top of the plug


    Material: Rubber
    Colour: Black

    • These stoppers can be used to plug the scupper holes in your kayak and help you stay dry while you are paddling.
    • High quality rubber material, strong and durable, and it will serve you for years.
    • Easy to install and use, just put it on the kayaks drainage holes to prevent water coming up through and to also drain water out from the cockpit.
    • The scupper stoppers can be used to plug the scupper holes in your sit on top kayak.
    Scupper Plugs Sizes For Bay Sports Models
    • ANGLER PRO 4M = 4*40mm - Older Style Bung
    • ANGLER PRO XL 4.3M = 6*40mm - Older Style Bung
    • BIGGAME PRO = 10*41mm bung
    • BIG HEAD = 8*38mm bung
    • BONITO = 6*32mm & 1*40mm bung
    • CATCH = 6*40mm
    • CATCH PRO = 6*40mm
    • CLEARVIEW 2 = 2*40mm
    • CLEARVIEW 3 = 2*40mm
    • NEPTUNE = 2*38mm bung
    • NEREUS 1 = 8*40mm bung
    • NEREUS 2 = 8*40mm bung
    • NEREUS PRO = 8*40mm bung
    • NERO = 8*41mm bung
    • PEDAL PRO FISH 3.2M  = 8*55.5mm bung (old version), 10*41mm bung (new version) 
    • PEDAL PRO FISH 2.5M = 8*40mm bung
    • PEDAL PRO FISH 2.9M = 9*40mm bung
    • PEDAL PRO FISH 3.4M= 7*40mm bung
    • PEDAL PRO FISH 3.6M = 8*40mm bung
    • PEDAL PRO FISH 3.9M = 12*40mm bung
    • PEDAL PRO FISH XL 4M = 11*55.5mm bung
    • PEDAL PRO FISH 4.1M = 12*40mm bung
    • PEDAL PRO FISH TANDEM 4.3M = 8*38mm bung
    • PERCH = 8*38mm bung
    • SPEEDY = 40mm
    • EXPLORER TANDEM = 42mm
    • EXPLORER FAMILY = 42mm


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